Friday, 13 January 2012

boxes of awesome

one of the best things (and to be honest it is mostly best things) about volunteering in the Horniman's natural history department is the boxes that come back to the study collection centre after they have been to either conservation of to a specialist.

yes more often than not they have been rearranged, co mingled and the labels lost, resulting in untold misery and confusion. but sometimes, just sometimes they contain what can only be described as totally awesome.

today was just such a day. already on a high from practically finishing the human remains audit, it was time to put away all of the specimens that had been returned and dumped on the work space. having already opened one of the boxes and realised it didn't contain all of the specimens listed on the label, i wasn't really looking forward to the task, but the second box was more promising, and then we found this:


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