Monday, 2 January 2012

let me introduce myself...

having spent a fortune on my education it amuses me that i am still unable to get a job. I say unable, that of course is a lie, i am perfectly able to get a job, just not one that i want, or i can get one i want but not for any length of time.

let me explain...

as a child i wanted to be a vet (being too round to be a ballerina at that time) and spent my time trying to achieve this aim, however at the age of 14 i was introduced to social drinking (smoking not being rebellious enough and made you smell)

i realised whilst looking for veterinary schools in the first year of my a levels that i was in for a lot more education, and having already undertaken in my mind sufficient decided a career in veterinary surgery was perhaps not for me.

so what would any girl do in that situation, of course you get out the UCAS guide and flick through until you find something interesting... forensic science, that will do (pre CSI i'll have you know)

fast forward three years and i am yet again looking for a career, not fancying being stuck in a lab or becoming a copper, archaeology and osteology that looks fun, sign me up.

so one bachelors degree, and a masters, lets get volunteering as despite having spent a substantial amount of money i still have no experience in anything other than pulling (and drinking) pints.

luckily there was lots of work around and i soon picked up digging and skeletal assessment experience so what better time to be made redundant... back to pulling pints then.

somehow three more years have passed, luckily working for one of your best friends pays off in the time off for volunteering department and i was able to start at the Horniman Museum playing with animal bone, what fun.

i cant really complain, i did spend most of last year employed as an archaeologist, and january is quite a nice month to be unemployed when you are normally is a cold wet and usually smelly hole.

lucky me.

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