Wednesday, 18 January 2012

power to the people

tonight (so far) is the first night this week where we have had power (electricity, not total world domination, mores the pity). it is amazing to realise just how much it has affected our lives, and i definitely realize that we need either a gas hob, or some kind of back-up generator cos i have been gasping for a cuppa.

so what has been happening these past few days? rather disappointingly not a lot i have to say. i have visited the Horniman SCC, and had a fun day looking at scales, trying to identify any possible existing records for the specimens, and them putting them in the second comparison draw. yes i am fully aware that this might not be most peoples idea of fun.

today i had my interview with my JSA advisor, and after talking at him for a few minutes he said that in his 25 years he had never met anyone like me (probably true) and that i had made his day.


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