Wednesday, 11 January 2012


a successful day at the AOC office, i spent my time sorting the coffin grip handles into types. just in case you are interested there are nine different types (two of which have sub-divisions).

i am now able to identify a type from a small amount or clay covered plate. i feel that this is a quite limited speciality to have. upon mentioning this i was informed that i would be surprised, and yes i think i would not only be surprised, but also shocked and amazed to realise that an ability to identify an AOC grip plate from poor sketches and vague descriptions was ever a required skill.

on an unrelated note today saw the return of the daft verbal expulsions. on looking through old photos my friend suddenly remarked "ahh, a baby elephant", shortly followed by, "oh no, it's a monkey". several minutes later: "a rhino", "are you sure?", "yes!...or a baboon"

what fun!

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